Billing Adjustment Policy

The purpose of this procedure is to establish agency policy regarding adjustments to customers’ monthly billing for sewer usage; to establish guidelines for application of adjustments to customers’ monthly bills; and to ensure that the use of billing adjustments is correctly authorized and applied.

It is the agency’s policy to provide the highest standard of service to our community in a customer friendly manner. The application of adjustments to customers’ monthly billings provides assistance to those customers who may have experienced hidden plumbing problems or to those customers who own and fill a swimming pool. Utilizing an adjustment process supports the JSA’s efforts to provide high-quality, customer friendly service delivery to the public. For this reason, establishing guidelines should help preserve the benefits provided to our customers from billing adjustments.


Leaks that are in an outside line or due to a faulty water heater (i.e. water used does not enter into the wastewater collection system) will be adjusted. The following process must be followed:

An adjustment will be made by using the average of the previous 6 month period as the adjusted consumption for the billing cycle(s) in question. An adjustment will be made over a maximum of two billing cycles.  Only one sewer adjustment will be made during any 12 month period.

Customers who have residential swimming pools will be allowed one adjustment per calendar year. The adjusted consumption shall be computed and charged as discussed above.

Further, adjustments for leaks created by faulty inside plumbing (i.e. faucets, toilets, etc.) and adjustments for gardening/lawn maintenance will not be considered.