Facility Extensions

All sanitary sewer extensions that occur within the JSA system are managed by the Facilities Extensions Policy. Primarily, three types of development occur:

  1.  Independent Development - Extensions and additions of wastewater facilities to the JSA system may be made by developers who are responsible for all elements of construction.
    • Developers are required to submit plans to the JSA for approval prior to final approval by the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW).
    • Prior to construction is to begin, a signed agreement between the Developer and JSA must be finalized, outlining the responsibilities of the JSA and Developer. In addition, appropriate sanitary sewer easements must be dedicated to JSA if maintenance and operation of the sanitary sewer facilities are to be transferred to JSA.
    • Upon completion of the sewer system, the Developer is to complete any “punch-list” items required by JSA, submit appropriate testing, completion certifications, and “as-built” record documentation concerning the sewer extension. A one-year warranty period is required for extensions that the JSA will assume operation and maintenance responsibilities.
    • All independent development shall be subject to tap-on fees, capacity fees, and usage fees.
  2. JSA Development - The JSA periodically constructs certain basic components of the wastewater system. These components comprise the “core” or “trunk” system. These facilities are constructed and/or improved according to the JSA Capital Improvements Plan (CIP).
  3. Assessment Area Development – An “Assessment Zone” is considered to be a platted subdivision consisting of residential or commercial development. The platted area is generally served by septic tanks or other types of drain fields or a community treatment plant and collection system not under the administration and control of the JSA.

When a neighborhood submits a petition requesting a sanitary sewer service extension into their area, they are categorized into an Assessment Zone. Individual packages are sent to homeowners within the Assessment Zone outlining costs and responsibilities for each homeowner. For more information, please review our current Facilities Extensions Policy and Survey Assessment Form, or contact our office at (270) 575-0056.